Do you know your responsibilities to your clients under the current legislation if you have data compromised as a result of a cyber attack? In the event that you have data compromised as a result of a cyber attack there is a good chance that client data will also be compromised so you do need to be aware of your responsibilities under legislation.

This week, Information Security Specialists David Reynolds and Dennis Scott from Metanoia Partners Ltd addressed the above issues and outlined the importance for AIA members to identify and mitigate risks of cyber crime during the Cyber Security Seminar’s in both London and Manchester. 

Commenting during the event, David Reynolds, Information Security Specialist, said: “The ICO has made it quite clear on more than one occasion that they expect “accountants” to adopt higher standards than the general public because they are a regulated profession with codes of conduct.” 

Cyber security issues are a pandemic, affecting all size and type of business from sole traders to the largest multi-nationals. Recent cases have included the data of millions of guests at Marriott Hotels being hacked, and Ticketmaster facing fines over data breaches. Protecting your computer-based equipment and information from unintended or unauthorised access, change or destruction is therefore essential. 

Philip Turnbull, AIA Chief Executive attended the event, commenting: “The AIA Cyber Security Seminar highlights the widespread cyber security and GDPR issues faced by all businesses. 

“As a regulated profession with codes of ethics I strongly back the ICO’s expectation that accountants adopt highest possible standards. It is our duty as professional accountants to lead by example to tackle this ever growing problem and to this end AIA is committed to providing our members with cost-effective, time-efficient solutions in order to achieve this goal.”