In acknowledgement of the skills and experience of AIA members, we are delighted to partner with Governors for Schools to bring those wishing to share their financial and professional expertise to schools in England.

Schools across England need people with financial expertise to lend their time and support as school governors. In a time of decreasing budgets and growing complexity of funding streams the need for effective financial planning and probity has never been more important to schools across the country. AIA members may be ideally placed to support education in their local communities through helping ensure schools have an excellent understanding of their financial situation, the value being added by the money being spent, and helping ensure mid-term plans are in place to safeguard the schools finances for future years.

Becoming a school governor is a fantastic opportunity to test and develop your skills and knowledge in a new environment whilst giving back to your local community.

School governors play a key role in help setting the strategic direction of schools and implementing best practise, in an advisory role, while leaving the day to day management of schools to Head Teachers and their staff bodies. The average time commitment is 6-9 hours per calendar month which consists of attending one Full Governing Body meeting and one subcommittee (AIA members will most likely join finance sub-committees!) per term, ensuring you are adequately prepared for these and a termly visit to the school during the school day.

Governors for Schools provides a free governor recruitment service for volunteers and schools across England. They work on a skills-based matching system and will put you in contact with schools most in need of the skills and experience you bring. Governors for Schools will provide you with a free 16 week induction pack from The Key for School Governors to help you settle into your new role and have a number of free e-learning modules on our website to introduce you to school governance.

Please visit for further information and to apply to become a school governor and help drive school improvement in your local community. If anyone is interested in receiving further information please contact Abigail Bush who can be reached at or via 020 7288 9541 and she will be happy to discuss the role and application process with you.