Study Materials

AIA provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge study materials and resources to help and support you in preparing for the AIA exams.


Achieve is an interactive study course guiding your learning in preparation for the exams, and giving you access to feedback, advice and support from a specialist team of e-tutors; and ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from your study. Achieve has been created in collaboration with BPP Learning Media, who have extensive experience of publishing study materials for professional exams and have a direct understanding of the AIA syllabus through publishing our study texts and e-Books.


If you do not want to opt for Achieve, AIA can provide you with access to the AIA e-Books. The e-Books provide you with the knowledge and understanding, skills and application techniques that you need to be successful in your exams. Each e-Book is targeted at the corresponding exam paper; it is comprehensive and covers the syllabus content; no more, no less. It is written at the right level; each chapter is written with the AIA syllabus in mind. It is aimed at the exam and takes into account recent exams, guidance from examiners and the assessment methodology.

If you wish to purchase hard copies of the Study Texts please visit the dedicated AIA study material page on the BPP website for further information on how to order.


In addition, we publish a Recommended Reading List for each exam paper, comprising leading texts on accountancy topics. You should ensure that you read all of the texts on the reading list.


Familiarity with the AIA Syllabus is also essential, and it should be reviewed regularly as part of your study programme.


AIA provides Examiner Feedback after each exam session, and again reading this should form an important part of your study programme.


As well as Achieve, AIA Approved Study Providers are of the appropriate high standard to teach our qualifications, and adhere to AIA’s quality control procedures. Students are advised to choose an Approved Study Provider, to find one near you, please click here.