Each approved study provider is monitored to ensure that they are maintaining AIA's minimum requirements in teaching, Student support, facilities and training. When a study provider does not meet the expected standard AIA will take action; this may be a simple matter of providing details of the under-performance and allowing the study provider time to implement changes. Alternatively, in more serious circumstances, AIA may be required to place sanctions against the study provider until such time as the requirements have been met or, if necessary, AIA may remove approved study provider status.

Students have a right to make an appeal against any decision that the AIA has placed on a study provider. To make an appeal they should complete a Student Support for a Study Provider Form, which is available on request from the Development Team.


AIA will investigate any complaint made by a student against an approved study provider as outlined in the Study Provider Complaint Procedure, which is available on request from AIA. The student will be required to complete a Study Provider Complaint Form outlining the complaint which will be discussed with the study provider.

If the complaint is in relation to facilities the study provider will be required to provide a report stating what action has been taken. If the complaint is more serious AIA will advise on the remedial action required.